Marseille, the attractive city

Marseille is a natural and cultural haven for planning fun-filled activities and team-building!

Countless local service providers and agencies are here to introduce you to the magic of the city and Provence whether you’re looking for a classic trip or something more unusual:

  • Rally and water sports in the Calanques National Park (sailing, kayaking, diving, fishing, catamaran trips etc.)
  • Treasure hunt on land or sea
  • Cookery lessons including the famous bouillabaisse
  • Soap and perfume making workshops
  • Private exhibition tours: from archaeology to fashion and the pioneers of Cubism (Braque, Cézanne, Derain)
  • Golf lesson, segway
  • Exciting outings to explore Provence: bikes, 2CV, unique vehicles
  • Night on the beach: barbecue, grilled sardines and pétanque

There’s nothing like the Events and Convention Bureau team’s experience and expertise. They are your one-stop shop for planning seminars, conferences and team-building events in Marseille. They have spent years creating a network of over 80 professionals who are committed to making each and every event unique and unforgettable.

Get in touch! You’re going to love Marseille!