To Move in Marseille

Marseille offre une gamme de transports variés des plus traditionnels (métro, bus, taxi…) aux plus insolites (navette maritime, bateaux, scooters électriques…) pour circuler dans la ville durant vos évènements et selon les envies de vos participants ! 

Se déplacer - Tramway

Bus, Metro, Tramway

If you plan an event in Marseille, we can look into your requirements and advise you on the most appropriate solutions : buying facilities, provision of travel tickets, study of your travel arrangements, etc…

From Solo ticket (1 trip) to XL pass for 24h, 72h or 7 days, a wide range of tickets exists to meet your expectations.

RTM Entreprises

6 rue des Fabres – 13001 Marseille

Tel : +33 (0)4 91 10 54 79

Special for Convention delegates, Associations, Business

Order your RTM travel pass in pack of 500 to get a discount.


spécial congressistes, associations, entreprises :

The RTM network

2 metro lines, 28 stations

77 bus routes (with night bus network), 1200 bus stops

3 tramway lines, 34 stations

Metro schedule : From 5 am to 0 :30 am every day

More information :

New RTM applications 

                                                               Find your real times schedules


For public trnasport between Marseille and surrounding towns :


The « Vélo » (public bike rental)

Mire than 1000 bikes to move around the city whilst helping to protect the environment.


The RTM shuttle boat

Shuttle boat seasonal, direct conection Vieux-Port – Pointe Rouge or Estaque in 40 minutes ithout trafic jam ! Ticketing on board.


Electrical cars


Taxis Radios :

Interactive voice server (FR/EN) to get a taxi rank : 

Tel +33 (0)811 46 90 90


Les Taxis Marseillais

Tel : +33 (0)4 91 92 92 92


Taxis Radio Marseille

Tel : +33 (0)4 91 02 20 20


La navette RTM maritime

Hybrid boats

Hybrid boat Green Calanques



Le Ferry-Boat de la Ville de Marseille

Ferry-Boat : Shuttle boat

Free return crossing from the Quai d’Honneur opposite the town Hall, to the Place aux huiles.