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Since more than 30 years, Roland Paix Traiteur organizes the most beautiful events in Marseille and its area and proposes catering solution for a broad range of clients. From large high profil congress to small direction board dinners Roland Paix Traiteur offers you a premium food experience. Great ambassadors of our Mediterranean soil and gastronomy, our chefs enhance their imagination in order to make your guest discover not only a genuine but also modern cuisine.

Accreditation Number: ILU 83 116 25



  • Championnat du Monde de Pétanque / Palais des Sports
  • Congrès ITER / Parc Chanot
  • Congrès National de la Table Ronde / Parc Chanot
  • World Water Council / Parc Chanot
  • Femmes de l’Economie / Château Ricard
  • Congrès National des Sommeliers / Palais du Pharo
  • Design Tour / Dock des Suds
  • Congrès FHP-SSR / Palais du Pharo
  • Fondation d’Entreprise RICARD / Vieille Charité
  • Congrès ESOC / Palais du Pharo


7 Rue d’Italie
13006 Marseille


General Manager

Olivier PAIX

Sales General Manager

Bastien PAIX

Stéphanie MARTIN