Ambassador program

Marseille Council, the Aix-Marseille Provence Convention Bureau and research and education structures joined forces in December 2014 to sign a charter


  • 70% of conferences hosted in a city are planned by local figures. It is therefore essential to create relationships between research and education structures and the Conference Bureau
  • Establishment of a partnership charter
  • Identify active network members. These structures play a vital role in identifying members of associations, national and international learned societies that we shall call “Ambassadors”. 


  • Contribute to national and international reach and showcase fields of excellence from partners and Ambassadors who have signed the charter 
  • Promotion of project leaders
  • Better financial results for the region
  • Improved worldwide reach for the city of Marseille – ICCA ranking


The founding members of the first partnership charter devoted to education and research are:

  • APHM
  • Université Aix Marseille
  • CNRS
  • IRD
  • Ecole Centrale

The Club -M- Ambassadors was founded to become a national and international network bringing together anyone who wishes to promote a positive image of Marseille.

The - Club M - Ambassadors


As a member of the “Club M Ambassadors”, appointed by the Mayor of Marseille, the Ambassador agrees to promote the city during business trips and in communication:

  • By highlighting its energy and any information deemed worthy of promotion
  • By promoting the metropolitan area using a sales pitch provided
  • By using their own network to appeal to project leaders whose results may be positive on a personal level
  • By countering any unfair comments about Marseille and the area as well as any discriminatory discussions about it


In terms of the “Club -M- Ambassadors”, the Ambassador agrees to:

  • Share information encouraging synergy to promote Marseille nationwide and worldwide
  • Provide reliable information
  • Be proactive


Club –M- Ambassador application

Please send your application to Club -M- along with a photo for the Ambassadors’ photo board:

Your application must state: your surname, first name, company, title, address, phone number, email address, industry and profession. 

Your application will be taken into careful consideration.

Who is a “Conference Ambassador”

A “Conference Ambassador” is a research professor, researcher, hospital practitioner, figure in science or economics, active member in a national or international association or learned society who is managing an event and wishes to contribute to the reach of work in a specialist area.

What are the benefits for Ambassadors:

  • Personal support and advice at each stage of the project
  • A range of benefits for project leaders involved in association conference applications meeting certain national or international criteria 
  • A welcome pack will be given to each project leader with information designed by professionals to streamline applications (application pack, film, maps, promotional tools etc.)

The pack relies on a collective commitment from all figures in the events industry: council departments, the Palais des Congrès, hotels, airport, train station, RTM, taxis and more to make life easier for conference organisers and provide reassurance.