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City one events
City one events
City one events
City one events
City one events
City one events

Thanks to a strategy focused on the alliance of excellence and service, City One, which has been present in Marseille since 2001, has established itself in the business of hosting events, but also cultural, airport and railway, front desk service.

Our goal is proximity to guarantee the excellence of an event, which is why we focus our relational and technical skills on the local market.

Integrate your DNA, master the places, the types of exhibitors and speakers, take up your challenges: these are the objectives of our EVENTS teams!

References :

  • Congrès ANCC 2018 – Palais du Pharo
  • GRAND PRIX DE France 2018 – Le Castellet 
  • Congrès SPACEOPS 2018 – Palais du Pharo 
  • Forum SMART CITY 2018 et 2017 – Palais du Pharo
  • Salon APEC 2018 et 2017 – Parc Chanot
  • Congrès International ERS European Respiratory Society 2017 – Parc Chanot
  • Congrès SFP Société Française de Pédiatrie 2017 – Parc Chanot
  • Congrès JNM Journées Neuromusculaires 2017 – Palais du Pharo
  • Congrès SFMES Société Française de médecine de l’exercice et du sport – Palais du Pharo
  • UEFA EURO 2016


5 Avenue de Hambourg
13008 Marseille


General Manager

Charlotte MAUGEY

Sales Contact