Hélios. Droit photo André Lapalus
Aiglon  à quai Droit photo André Lapalus
Aiglon 3  Droit photo André Lapalus
Cocktail Vaillant Droit photo André Lapalus
Cocktail Vaillantphoto André Lapalus copie
Helios calanque Droit photo André Lapalus
Le Vaillant a la voile dec 2021 Droit photo Icard Maritime
Le Vaillant a Quai Droit photo Icard Maritime
Nos 5 Bateaux vue Marseille. Droit photo Mathieu Collin
QMP Vue drone Droit photo Mathieu Collin

From the traditional wooden trawler to the hybrid-powered vessel to the high-performance speedboat, Icard Maritime offers a wide range of boats that can be hired for your events and sea trips! These vessels can accommodate up to 200 people, and all of our boats are authorised for full access to the waters of the Calanques National Park. Welcome aboard!
Brunch in the morning or cocktails at sunset, literary excursions or star gazing, sea urchins feasts or scuba diving adventures… We offer a wide range of tailor-made outings thanks to our network of partner services.
In 2012, Icard Maritime introduced the first boat with hybrid diesel-electric propulsion in France. Since then, it has been used for environmentally friendly tours of the Calanques National Park that are free of noise pollution or unpleasant-smelling emissions. The Hélios is the only electric boat in service that has accreditation to navigate the waters of the Calanques, and its tour route has been certified as part of the French programme Esprit Parc National.

Navigation Licence: N°: SPR 7832
Homologation: Affaires Maritimes
Insurance: SAMAP 56032 / 1064799


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