Bazarette Rally

We have been working on this rally for over 15 years. Enough to say that its content is full of anecdotes !

It is in paper version because we remain convinced that sharing a map can only bring people together (especially thinking of the time spent on our screens !). However, the connected aspect is essential. This is how, after months of research, we developed our application : direct connection, sending photos, false information, etc.

It’s finally a connected paper rally !

Pétanque Tournaments

No, no, no and no. You won't leave Provence without playing Pétanque !
And to those who say « it's too long », we have the solution : we play on time, every 10 minutes, a new game. Thus the participants talk with many different colleagues.
And for those who are frightened by the "low-end" side, please note that the decoration is neat, and that we take a lot of care of the environment. We know how to make chic Pétanque !
We are therefore waiting for you on our private Pétanque fields.

Rather than working on a teambuilding activity around the idea of getting out of a place where you would be locked up, we preferred to work in a positive way : therefore you will have to save the world !
Work together, in small groups, to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible and save your teammates. So here is a beautiful image that reasons very clearly in the corporate world…

Escape Game
Bouillabaisse in the cabanon !

Welcome home. Welcome to our family. Welcome to the Cabanon.
A sweet smell of fish soup, the clicking of ice cubes in the Pastis, the view on the sea, and the tranquility of a cove. Heaven ? Not far away…
You will be greeted by the owner who will have, a few hours before your arrival, simmer the meal. At his side, our team will have prepared the beautiful table with attention to details.
The Bouillabaisse in the Cabanon is quite simply a hymn to human relations.

Via Ferrata

Imagine the calm of a cove by the water on a Spring morning…. A third of the participants equip themselves and set off for the heights of the wall for an adventure course. « Rock climbing, an individual activity » would you say  ? Not that much, because if the first one does not move forward, neither does the others…. A chain of mutual help is then deployed, most often leaving the few spectators stunned.

Then the second third develops their observation and listening skills to play around the compass and seek the north in the confines of the charms of the south….

And finally, the last third arises THE question that keeps coming up here : "So, do you shoot or point ?" 

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