Testimony of Professor Guillaume Gorincour, member of the Scientific Committee of the 22nd Journées de Médecine Fetal Pharo from 22 to Saturday 25 March 2017. 41 years old, radiologist, Professor of Universities since Sept. 2013, specialist in pediatric and fetal imaging, trained in Marseille, Lyon and Montreal After 21 years in Morzine, Marseille had the pleasure of hosting the 22nd Journées de Médecine Fetale at the Pharo from 22 to Saturday 25 March 2017. This multidisciplinary event brought together more than 700 francophone specialists in fetal medicine (geneticists, midwives, obstetricians, neonatologists, radiologists). Despite the unpleasant weather, which we are not used to in Marseille, all the participants were enthusiastic about the new venue of this annual "high mass" in this field As a member of the Scientific Committee, what were your arguments to convince the organizers of the choice of Marseille? "Laurent Bidat wanted to leave Morzine, he talked to me about possible options and I simply added Marseille to the equation. After things have been done quite naturally, with a great help from the Congress Bureau headed by Mrs. Vlasto." You are an Ambassador of Club M since 2016, what is your strategy to make our territory shine? "Take initiatives and think that it is possible."
Témoignage de Professor Guillaume Gorincour, , sur Marseille Congrès
Professor Guillaume Gorincour
Palais du Pharo - March 2017
Témoignage de Professeur Christian CHABANNON, Institut Paoli-Calmettes, sur Marseille Congrès
Professeur Christian CHABANNON
Institut Paoli-Calmettes
“The 14th edition of the FTTH Conference, held on 14-16 February 2017 in Marseille, was a resounding success! Marseille, as one of the most attractive French cities, confirmed to be a great destination to welcome the FTTH Conference 2017, attracting roughly 3,000 participants from 96 countries. We are grateful for the various supports we have received in the context of the FTTH Conference, and would like to particularly thank the City of Marseille and the Marseille convention and tourism’s bureau for their help before, during and after the event!”
Témoignage de Nadia BABAALI  - Communications Director, FTTH Council Europe, sur Marseille Congrès
Nadia BABAALI - Communications Director
FTTH Council Europe
You've made Massalia a new must in our Mice vision, a new crucial and unavoidable destination !
Témoignage de Michel DEVIS, KEY GROUP  EVENTS-INCENTIVES, sur Marseille Congrès
Michel DEVIS
Brussels - Belgium