The unbelievably beautiful destination has everything you need to ensure the success of team-building events, conferences or seminars. Expect direct flights, a range of hotels, fun activities, history and culture, shopping, inventive food and drink, natural gems true to the contrasts between past and present such as the impressive MUCEM.
Témoignage de Alexandra de Merode, MASTER EVENTS SA, sur Marseille Congrès
Alexandra de Merode
Bruxelles - Belgique
You have made it very clear to us what Marseille has to offer and presented many inspiring venues, activities and ideas, which I hope to use in future projects. If I’m entirely honest, I was unaware of Marseille as a suitable destination for our particular style of events, but it’s clear that with the growth of the city and focus on MICE, it would be beneficial for us to deliver new programmes within the city and be there from the very start, using the city’s history, contrasting architecture and development as a key idea within events.
Témoignage de Bradley Cooney, Nteractive Consulting & Events Ltd , sur Marseille Congrès
Bradley Cooney
Nteractive Consulting & Events Ltd
Great Britain
I have left the weekend with even more reason to be impressed; the history, the sights, the food, the activities, the opportunities for groups, and of course the hospitality.
Témoignage de Keira Vanderbeck, Powwow Events Ltd, sur Marseille Congrès
Keira Vanderbeck
Powwow Events Ltd
Londres - Great Britain
Your city is magical, and I would not hesitate to bring more meetings to Marseille!
Témoignage de Tisa Nava, AGORA, sur Marseille Congrès
Tisa Nava
Fairfax, VA - USA