Marseille has really great and attractive things to offer. Great locations, fun, experience in culture and cuisine, historie and future.
Témoignage de Uta Wahl, Siemens Energy, sur Marseille Congrès
Uta Wahl
Siemens Energy
Düsseldorf - Germany
It was a real pleasure to know this beautiful town. Amazing was the word elected at the conference, certainly so, a perfect combination of tradition, culture and modernity!
Témoignage de Ana Murillo Jelsbak, ANAMUR viajes, sur Marseille Congrès
Ana Murillo Jelsbak
ANAMUR viajes
A great success due partly to the site’s added-value: - The setting: the site’s beauty, its location near must-see sites. The Old Port, Corniche, the Panier neighbourhood. MuCEM, the Cathedral, Fort St Jean etc. - Easy to reach, nearby high standard hotels - Welcoming team at Palais du Pharo: responsive, friendly and professional - Organisation and standard of rooms provided, the exhibition - Involvement of all attendees……… And a fantastic evening in the dining room: the view, atmosphere, weather……. We received a lot of positive feedback about the event from attendees. Our members will have great memories of Marseille and won’t forget our 2014 event. We’d also like to thank your team for their professionalism, skills and service, they truly helped us host a quality conference. We can’t wait to come back.
Témoignage de Patrick MASURE - Monique BICAIS - Florence ROSSI , French Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, sur Marseille Congrès
Patrick MASURE - Monique BICAIS - Florence ROSSI
French Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists
Paris - France
The attendees were pleasantly surprised by Marseille. Those who’d been before were impressed by this beautiful city’s new look and those who were here for the first time promised to return as they loved it. Thanks again for your help planning the event.
Témoignage de Stéphane CANAAN, Congrès Mycoclub, sur Marseille Congrès
Stéphane CANAAN
Congrès Mycoclub
Paris - France